Something about me

I’am 26 old developer of web sites and applications, I recently finished school. From this time I offer my services as a freelancer. I did my first web sites as a school project in 2006, nowadays I was involved in almost 100 web projects.

Originally I started web development as a front-end developer, soon I got interested also in back-end. High school gave me required programming knowledge and techniques. From the day I sold my first template on Themeforest (March 2014), I regard myself as a professional web coder.

Modern Technologies

Using latest technologies like HTML5 and CSS3 will prevent you from early updating the web because it has became “old-fashioned”.

Precise Development

No remakes of somebody else’s templates and other partial solutions. Different clients have different needs.


All 5 most common browsers tested, SEO on-page factors, responsive layout, various devices supported – mobile, tablet

Development Process

Think out concept

Valid code

Quality back-end

Fast support

I don’t do graphics, but I can recommend or ensure this job externally.

Based on approved design I will precisely code the web including programming the functionality and/or connecting to system WordPress. If needed I’m of course ready to help with setting up and editing the WordPress. Also after web release I’m ready to deal with modifications, updates, answering questions etc. Tiny modifications are for free.

My Work

Selected Works

Template Excelsior

(Czech) Moderní víceúčelová šablona

Template Omega

(Czech) Sada moderních víceúčelových šablon

Screen Servis

(Czech) Kódování a programování WordPress šablony na míru pro společnost Screen Servis.

WP plugin Similar Posts Field Hint

WordPress plugin "Similar Posts Field Hint" - ajax fulltext search for similar posts for text field

ČSAD Kyjov

(Czech) Kódování nové verze firemních stránek ČSAD Kyjov

LK Baits

Coding new LK Baits e-shop.

Simple games set

Games: snake, m,n,k-game (two players, version Tic-Tac-Toe also against computer), tenis (two players). Made with js and canvas.

Template Built

HTML template made under the partnership with IgnitionThemes. Design in PSD provided, I made the rest. Available on Themeforest.

Template Lucid

Experimental web template made to test some other web development techniques I haven't used before.

Pizzeria template

HTML template made under the partnership with IgnitionThemes. Design in PSD provided, I made the rest. Available on Themeforest.

Smarty Template

HTML template made under the partnership with jThemes - Elite Themeforest Author. Design in PSD provided, I made the rest. Available on Themeforest.

Web SG

Modern solution of multilingual web sites with lots of animations. Involves whole front-end and back-end, design was provided.

Hometastic Template

HTML template made under the partnership with IgnitionThemes. Design in PSD provided, I made the rest. Available on Themeforest.

Multipurpose badge

Multipurpose vector badge, easy adjustable (size, color...). Available for purchase - contact me.

Bakery Template

HTML template made under the partnership with IgnitionThemes. Design in PSD provided, I made the rest, template has more than 150 sales. Available on Themeforest.

Reflect Template

HTML template made under the partnership with IgnitionThemes. Design in PSD provided, I made the rest. Available on Themeforest.

Web Aleš Trunda

Modern solution of multilingual web sites for presenting my services on the internet. Made from PSD bought on Themeforest.

Watch Template

Template for web under construction, including administration (if somebody's interested I can give access), that allows easy editing.

Concentration Game Pexeso

Game was originally created just for a reference to some jQuery project, however I placed it on in case somebody's interested.

Template Precise

Simple template for web under construction, successfully sold on Themeforest with more than 400 sales.

Template Palantium

Template for industrial web. Multiple skins ready - check the template customizer, one-page layout included. Available for sale - contact me.

Web fotbalhradisko

Football team web presentation, including some gadgets like calendar, survey or automatic updates of results table. Available for sale - football team was dissolved.

Some interesting facts


satisfied clients


sales on Themeforest

32 985

lines of code


hours per week self-studying

Latest News

Updating to jQuery 3

  • Aleš Trunda
  • 5.7.2016

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(Czech) WP Šablona Bakery překročila 1000 prodejů

  • Aleš Trunda
  • 5.3.2016

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Template Built

  • Aleš Trunda
  • 26.10.2015

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“Those who build and perpetuate mediocrity are motivated more by the fear of being left behind.”
Jim Collins


I focus on small and medium web sites.

Static web
from 7000
about 6 pages
html and css coding
dynamic features – setting plugins up and tiny functionality
does not concern design
responsive layout
standard on-page seo
Web with
from 9000
about 6 (different) pages
html a css coding
WordPress theme
dynamic features – setting plugins up and tiny functionality
help with setting the web up
does not concern design
responsive layout
standard on-page seo
Hour rate
coding, programming
minor design jobs, slicing PSD
jQuery and WordPress plugins
HTML5 banners
various funkcionality – clickable maps, games, clock, animations
and any kind of other services I offer

Stated prices are just an estimations.

Additional Info

addition example image

Responsive layout

Responsivity is way how to display web pages, the goal is to keep the layout always optimal.
Because there is a big difference in available width among computer screen and mobile display, for example web pages made for computer screen will be very big on mobile and requires continual vertical and horizontal scrolling. And otherwise web made for mobile display will have similar problem on big computer screen. Thanks to rensponsive layout based on available width web can be realigned, so the layout is optimal for more widths.
Most of web sites made these days are responsive, I of course offer this service as well.





Browser support

I do tests in all five most common browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer.

As for Internet Explorer, since Microsoft stopped supporting operating system Windows XP, I test version 9 a higher. I can of course take care of supporting also IE8 and IE7, but is beyond the standard solution.


Themeforest is online market with web templates. Many authors are trying to get their templates on this market, but each template is thoroughly inspected, there are high requirements on graphics and development quality, that’s why many of these templates are refused. Templates that pass this hard process of approval are practically the best that can be seen on the internet. Approved template then can be considered as a certificate of the author’s quality, quality that plenty of web developers can only dream of.
I am on Themeforest known as exclusive author, which means that my templates can be obtained only here.

If you have any questions about shopping on Themeforest, licenses…, or you are interested in some template and want to adapt it for your needs, then please contact me.

Some more info can be found in my profile (in english). Adapting purchased templates

I adapt purchased templates, both classic HTML and WordPress. If you are going to buy a template on Themeforest, I have an account here I can buy it for you, so you do not have to deal with money transfers etc. When the template is ready I transfer it to you.

Anyone who buys on Themeforest (and other such marketplaces), has to remember that these templates are released under specific license. Even when you buy the template you still have to follow these terms. That’s why you should read the license were carefully before you make the purchase.

If you have any questions about shopping, licenses etc. I can help with it.


What is “retina”? Well I’m not going to write long technical texts about retina, that some people might not understand, let’s keep it simple. All start with retina displays – you can find them in your smartphones. Because such devices are much closer to human eyes than for example computer screen, their displays should be more detailed and softer. Here comes retina display, that has in same area multiple number of display points than standard displays – more then 1dppx (dots per pixel).

Some elements on web are in vectors, like text, so it doesn’t matter how many points display has, they are always smooth. The problem are images – they have precise width and height. Retina display has usually double number of display points (2 dots per pixel), so for example image 200x100px looks smooth on 200x100px standard display, but not smooth on 200x100px retina display – image has to be 400x200px to look smooth on retina display (assuming 2dppx).

Smartphones and mobile internet are quite common nowaday, so it’s wise to consider supporting retina. The disadvantage of retina is that double-size images has to be provided. Double-size image needs about 3 times more disk space then the original image, that means higher traffic on web and slower connection for retina devices – especially mobile phones.


S Alešem Trundou jsme velice spokojeni, oceňujeme dodržování slíbených termínů, rychlou odezvu v komunikaci i doplňující kreativu k tomu, aby měl web šťávu. Vzhledem k tomu, že s Alešem spolupracujeme k vykrývání vlastních kapacit, oceňujeme, že se na něj můžeme spolehnout jako na vlastního zaměstnance. Práce je vždy precizní s citem ke každé animaci i celé zakázce.

Jakub Kofroň Beneficio Media, s.r.o.

S Alešem Trundou jsme pracovali na řadě projektů a spolupráci si nemohu vynachválit. Práce byla vždy odvedena včas, přesně dle zadání a podle domluvené kalkulace. Nikdy mě ani našeho klienta nečekalo na konci či uprostřed projektu nepříjemné překvapení v podobě “nečekaných” dalších nákladů. Aleš Trunda je profesionál svými výsledky i seriózním jednáním.

Tomáš Krejča design and marketing studio Monograph

Working with Ales Trunda has been an awesome experience, at first time when Ales started on developing one of our templates I was really impressed, the quality of the code is perfect and everything was exactly as the design was built. I really enjoy working with Ales and I wish him all best in his life. I recommend highly to all clients for a perfect and quality developer such as Ales.

IgnitionThemes Themeforest templates author, designer

Spolehlivý programátor s profesionálním přístupem. Opakovaná bezproblémová spolupráce na řadě webových projektů.

Daniel Telařík web studio Nexdesign


Want to start a new project with my or have a general question? Please just fill the form and I’ll get back to you in a flash of an eye. Looking forward to hear from you.

Address: Malé Hradisko 93, 798 49, Prostějov, Czech Republic

Mobile: +420 606 516 133

Skype: alestrunda, chat with me.

Tax info only for CZ visitors.